• A T-shirt That Beats Dating Apps

    Tired of dating apps, I tried my luck with a "myplus1is" tee. It caused laughs, sparked a conversation, and helped me find love. Who needs thumb-gymnastics when you've got this tee!

    Signed, Love Hero & App Retiree

  • Unleashed the Wild Side

    Had the Night of My Life!
    My T-Shirt Collection Sets the Stage for Memorable One-Night Stands, Adventure, and Unforgettable Encounters. Find the Perfect Match for a Night of Pure Excitement!"

    Delighted & Dazzled Dater

  • Unforgettable Thrills

    This T-shirt shop transformed my nights into electrifying adventures. With their playful designs and witty messages, connections sparked effortlessly. From wild conversations to liberating experiences, every encounter was a celebration of freedom and genuine connection.

    A Smitten

  • Sizzling Nights, Smokin' Tees!

    This T-shirt shop turned my casual encounters into scorching escapades. Their cheeky designs and bold messages acted like an irresistible magnet, attracting fiery connections. From steamy conversations to unforgettable rendezvous, it was a non-stop thrill ride.

    Smitten & Fit

  • How a T-shirt Helped me Break the Ice... Literally!

    So there I was at an ice-skating rink, clad in my ice-cool "myplus1is" tee, totally forgetting I can't skate. Then, my shirt's funky emoji caught someone's eye, and I found myself a skating (and life) partner! These t-shirts don’t just break the ice, they melt hearts too!

    Signed, Forever Grateful (& No Longer Falling)

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Welcome to Myplus1is

Your portal to wearable connections.

We're more than just a t-shirt store, we're a platform for the gay community to express identity, forge connections, and find partners.

Our high-quality tees, adorned with unique iconic messages, celebrate diversity and foster love.



Get Ready to Wear Your Heart (and Organs) on Your Sleeve, Honey!

At "myplus1is," we believe in the power of visual communication, and we've turned it into a fabulous dating tool!

Our high-quality, comfy t-shirts feature unique iconic messages that speak the language of love (with a touch of cheekiness).

Forget those never-ending swipes and dull online chats – our shirts are your real-world connection superpower!

They're like a neon sign saying,

-"Hey, I'm here and ready for some serious love or fun!"

Whether you're on the prowl for a partner or want to expand your queer crew, our shirts are the ultimate conversation starters, bringing together like-minded souls and creating magical moments.

But wait, there's more!

We're not just about selling shirts; we're about building a vibrant community.

We're front-row at pride events, spreading love like confetti and creating a space where everyone feels seen, heard, and fabulous.

Our customer service? Honey, it's as smooth as a diva hitting her high heels!

Join the "myplus1is" movement and let fashion, identity, and connection collide in a glorious rainbow explosion.

Wear our shirts, share your story, and find that plus one who'll make your heart skip a beat.

Welcome to our family – where love, laughter, and endless possibilities await!

  • Authentic Self-Expression

    Unleash Your Queer Expression: Our playfully provocative t-shirt collection is all about embracing your authentic self with fabulous flair! These shirts are like a canvas for your sassiest, most vibrant self-expression. Crafted with care and quality materials, they let you unleash your sassy side with confidence. Get ready to make a statement that screams 'I'm here, I'm queer, and I'm fabulous!' Let your true colors shine through our collection and show the world the power of authentic self-expression!

  • Quality & Comfort

    Comfort Fit for a Queer Queen: We've raised the bar on comfort to fabulous new heights! Our gay t-shirts are the perfect blend of plushness and pizzazz. Crafted with materials softer than a kitten's cuddles, you'll feel like you're floating on a marshmallow cloud. These shirts are as fierce as a drag queen's sassy strut, built to handle all your fabulous moves and sassy snaps. Get ready to rock your queer style with comfort that's off the rainbow charts! It's time to slay in style and comfort fit for a queer royalty like yourself!

  • Fostering Connections

    Get Your Flirt On: We're all about fostering connections within the gay community, and our t-shirts are here to play matchmaker! Designed to be more than just fashion, they're conversation starters that'll have potential plus ones flocking your way. With our shirts, you'll be turning heads, breaking the ice, and finding your perfect match faster than you can say 'Love is love!' So slip into our stylish threads and let the matchmaking magic begin

  • Celebrating Diversity

    Rainbow Kaleidoscope of Awesomeness: We don't just celebrate diversity, we throw it a fabulous party! Our t-shirts are a colorful tribute to the beautiful spectrum of identities within the gay community. With designs as diverse as a disco playlist, we've got something for everyone. From unicorns to rainbows, bears to drag queens, we've got you covered! Step into our world of vibrant inclusivity, where every t-shirt is a statement of love, acceptance, and a big ol' celebration of being your fabulous self!

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FAQ: Fabulously Answering Your Burning Questions (and Some Silly Ones Too!)

How do I find the perfect Myplus1is gay t-shirt for me?

With our fabulous range of designs, we've got a t-shirt for every flavor of the rainbow! Just browse through our collection, let your heart do the clicking, and voila – your perfect match awaits!

What if my t-shirt and I don't vibe well? Can I return it?

Absolutely, darling! While we hope it's love at first wear, we understand if things don't work out. Check out our "Returns & Exchanges" page for all the details on how to send back any tees that didn’t tickle your fancy.

Are your t-shirts comfortable to wear? Or are they just pretty faces?

Oh, honey, our t-shirts are more than just a pretty face! They're made with high-quality material that's as comfy as a warm hug. Because fabulousness should never compromise on comfort, right?

I love icons but don't understand the one on my chosen tee. Help!

No worries, Love!

Icon-whisperer to the rescue!

Each Icon carries a unique message, so head over to our "Icon Dictionary" page to decode your tee's message. Get ready to chat in the language of love!

Can wearing a "Myplus1is" t-shirt really help me find love?

While we can't guarantee love (if only we could!), our gay t-shirts are designed to be fabulous conversation starters. So, who knows? Your plus one might just be a shared laugh or a compliment away!

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  • Safe payments

    Shop Confidently, Knowing We've Got You Covered - Just Like Wearing a Condom! We prioritize your safety with encrypted payment systems and secure checkout processes. So go ahead, indulge in retail therapy without a worry. Trust that your payments are protected, and strut your stuff in style!

  • Eco-Fab Tees

    Print on demand, less waste!
    Wear them unwashed to save water(side effects may vary, darling!)
    Go green and stay fabulous!

  • Promoting Health

    "A Fabulous F*** a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!" - Stay Safe and Embrace Pleasure Responsibly!

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